Nightmare Silk scarf

Nightmare Silk scarf

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I’ve dreamt of worlds where hell exists.
And terror smiles from out the deep.
Amidst the shade of nightmare mists,
o wake the bravest from her sleep.
I’ve lived a life of dread in dreams,
Where ghosts and spirits walk the night. 
With whispered words of hate, it seems,
In lonely, haunted, spectral light.
My sleeping mind has robbed the cheer, 
Of day to trade in doubt and strife. . .
And still, it couldn’t match the fear
f being a capitalist all my life.
Silk scarf
Based on a nightmare, this scarf captures the adventure and anxiety that it brought onto me. Originally I was going to use a more military-centered graphic for my graduate collection. But this nightmare gave me the exact inspiration I needed.

‣ 100% 12mm Silk;
‣ 85 x 85 cm;
‣ Nightmare graphic all over.

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