GothGore Frankenstein crewneck [2nd drop]

GothGore Frankenstein crewneck [2nd drop]

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  • 100% dummy thick Cotton loopback fabric;
  • Knit patchwork by Laura Corts;
  • Articulated sleeve;
  • Front pouch;
  • Studded reinforcement;
  • Ribbed hem, collar & cuffs.

This item is made-to-order, we're aiming for a 1-2 week production time.

The Frankenstein crewneck is a wide-cut crewneck with articulated sleeves for ultimate comfort. The ribbing on both the hem and cuffs makes it puff out to complete the bomber-like silhouette.

All knit patchworks are made from high-quality wool, alpaca or mohair, and knitted by hand in the Netherlands.

Check the size spec for info on sizing and fit, or so help me god I will ship you animal feces.

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